About Me

Who I Am & What I Do

Self Portrait

I am a tiny freelance model, self portraitist, and creative living in the Detroit, MI area. I have a classical and sensual aesthetic. My style is often focused on my long hair and unmodified skin, and a flowing posing style.

I describe myself as “short and sweet, tiny and petite” which pretty much sums me up in a nutshell. I’m 4’10” and I find enjoyment in being nice and sweet. I love pretty lingerie, hosiery, long socks, and my natural skin, too. ^_~ I mainly pose for and shoot photos of myself, but I love posing for photographers when I get the chance. You’ll find my style is soft, sensual, and classical. I do post full nudes, but nothing explicit or pornographic (just to be upfront). Basically, I consider myself an art and sensual model and creator.

I also work with several Detroit events like the DAMNED Show, Corpus Illuminata, the Purgatory Film ExhibitionKrampus Night, Small Wonders, the Detroit International Festival of Animation (DIFA), Halfway to Halloween Detroit, the Detroit Artist Bazaar, and Detroit Rummage.

And more recently I’ve begun pursuing positivity even more and sharing my insights on that on my blog.

My Modeling Story

I have admired nude artworks since I was a child. Those involving Greek and Roman goddesses and other similarly styled females really fascinated me. However, I never saw myself as having the potential to create such wondrous forms until much later.

I began modeling in March of 2009. My intention was to do a bit of goth and some modeling in fancy EGL and Victorian dresses and latex fashion. After much deliberation, I finally scheduled a nude shoot in May 2009. Since then I have posed for many styles of photography including fine art nude, art concepts, some fetish, lingerie, Victorian, and vintage.  I have been the first model and the first nude model for many photographers. I have posed for photographers varying in skill level from brand new hobbyists to published and gallery-exhibited professionals.

More recently, I’ve shifted more towards shooting primarily self-portraits and exploring my lingerie collection (as well as nudes). I mainly shoot these using my phone and a simple lighting set up. Sometimes I do set up something a bit more elaborate and shoot with my DSLR, particularly if I have more of a concept in mind. Either way, I publish all of the finished photos on Patreon, though I enjoy sharing a few on Instagram as well. You can read more about that journey in this blog post. 

If you are interested in working with me please take a look at my Booking page.  If you are interested in supporting what I do, please head over to my Patreon.