I am a very tiny freelance model living in the Detroit, MI area. I pose for a variety of styles including, but certainly not limited to, glamour, gothic, vintage, artistic nude, and conceptual. I also work with a few Detroit events like the DAMNED Show, Corpus Illuminata, the Purgatory Film Exhibition, and Krampus Night.

I love to have conversations with people about art, about animals which happen to be my first passion, about style and fashion, about science and discoveries, and about what they do and what I do. If you see me out, I may be dressed in one of many different ways. Sometimes I like to channel Audrey Hepburn, sometimes I like elegant gothic, sometimes the classy little black dress, and I even have a few Eastern inspired outfits for the summer.

Modeling is simply an extension of who I am. When I pose I open myself up and share who I am in ways that I cannot share in any other way. Many times I also create a character in my mind as well. What would I be like if I were a Greek nymph or a goddess or a queen or if I have lived in a certain time? I would still be me, but I might be a more regal me, or a more carnal me, or a more dainty me.

I have long admired nude artworks, particularly those involving Greek and Roman goddesses and other similarly styled females. Even as a child I was drawn to the few nude works of art on field trips. I sought out the nude photos in books. And yet, I never saw myself as having the potential to create such wondrous forms with my own body until much later.

I began modeling in March of 2009 intending upon doing a bit of goth and perhaps some modeling in fancy Lolita and Victorian dresses and latex fashion. After much deliberation, and intense admiration of the nude work of others’ I finally scheduled a nude shoot in May 2009. Since then I have posed for many, many styles of photographs including fine art nude, art nude concepts outdoors, nudes with projection, body paint, erotic art nudes, as well as some fetish (mostly foot fetish and Shibari), bridal, lingerie, boudoir, Victorian, and many more styles I cannot possibly even begin to list in entirety.  I have been the first model and the first nude model for many photographers, and I have posed for photographers varying in skill level from brand new hobbyists to published and gallery-exhibited professionals.