One of the things I love to do is to help other models and photographers. I have taken my experiences as well as those of fellow models and photographers and written several articles designed to help your shoots go smoother, to tackle those common questions, and to help you understand some of the issues you may come across. The articles are in three categories: General, Modeling, and for Photographers.

Note: My experience comes from the viewpoint of a freelance model. Although much of the advice will pertain to agency models as well, I do not cover agency-related issues in depth as I really have little experience with them.

General Advice

Escort & Assistant Etiquette
When & Why Might a Model Be Paid
Making Your Profile Effective
Dekilah’s Ultra Helpful Guide to Understanding the Escort Issue
Trade is Trade, Not Free


New Model Guide: Paying Photographers & Who To Trade With
New Model Guide: The Expectation of Being Paid
New Model Guide: Your Limits

Dekilah’s Ultra Helpful Guide to Finding Photographers for TF
Dekilah’s List of Considerations for Potential Nude Models

Dekilah’s Quick Guide for New MM Models

How to Act Like a Professional Model
Rates & TF Q & A


Dekilah’s Ultra Helpful Guide to Approaching Models for TF
Dekilah’s Ultra Helpful Guide to Working with Nude Models
Dekilah’s Ultra Helpful Guide to Avoiding Flakes

I have been asked many times if someone can share one of my articles or link to them. You are more than welcome to post links to my articles on your site or blog. I have also let people post excerpts of articles I have written. I do, however, ask that you contact me first and let me know where the information or link will be going. You can get in touch with me at