Why Patreon?

If you’ve been following me for any time at all, you’ve probably seen me mention Patreon. Some of you have joined me there for which I am very grateful. But I know there are others who are on the fence or who just don’t get it. This blog post is for you.
So first, I’d like to share somethings with you. I’m sure you do know that I’m a model and a self portraitist. You probably also know that I shoot a lot of nude and lingerie work. What you may not know is that there are costs associated with my work very similar to investments in tools and such needed for any job. And while modeling is a creative outlet and something I enjoy very much, it is also my job and how I earn my income.
One of the misconceptions that I come across often is that many fans and others who like to look at my photos don’t understand that it’s not just free for me to do. Wardrobe (lingerie, jewelry, shoes) isn’t cheap and, although I’m pretty good at mixing pieces up so I can reuse them, I need to buy new pieces often. Even if you guys don’t care, the photographers who I work with like to shoot me in different things. I also pay for Dropbox (to store my files), Photoshop & Lightroom (for editing photos), equipment for my self portraits (my camera, lights, etc), and various self care items like skincare, hair care, yoga programs, etc.
Patreon is a way for you to support the photos you like looking at. It’s a way for you to show that you really value what I do and the work I put into it. You get to choose the amount of your support. Even $1 a month can really help, especially when a lot of you pledge.
And you’re not just handing me money. You know I would never ask you to do that because it would make me feel weird. You get so much in return. The rewards vary based on your pledge, but include: topless vlogs, nude and sensual selfies, nude and sensual videos, photo galleries featuring many different styles, behind the scenes, and my special thank you cards. Basically, I put a lot of effort into spoiling my Patrons with content and the vast majority is stuff you won’t find any where else. What you see on Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook is a very small percentage.
So if you enjoy my work, I kindly ask you to check out my Patreon and consider pledging whatever you think is reasonable and fair for you.
Here is the link: www.patreon.com/dekilah

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