5 Ways I Stay Inspired as a Model

5 Ways I Stay Inspired - Dekilah's Blog

Sometimes inspiration can be a struggle. Here are some of the things I do to stay inspired as a model and self portraitist.

Let myself be inspired by others

I follow many artists, models, and photographers whose work I find inspiring. I save, list, and bookmark a lot photos to refer back to when I’m feeling stagnant. Of course I don’t copy them, but I use them as a jumping off point for poses or ideas.

Look at classical art 

A lot of my early influences were classical art works. I’ve been fascinated by nudes in art since I was 12 or 13, if not earlier. I like looking at sculptures in particular, but there have been paintings that have inspired me as well. I find that this inspiration works very well for my more figure based work.

Inspired by classical art. Self portrait.

Put on a song and move to it

When I’m shooting self portraits and I’m feeling a little lost for mood or inspiration, I’ll put on some music. Then I just move through poses as I feel them. I’ve noticed different types of music have inspired different moods, though sometimes not quite what I expect.

Bring in different props or wardrobe for inspiration

A lot of what I do is centered around nudes and lingerie so it seldom includes props or fabric I can play with. Sometimes I just grab different things around the house if I’m shooting self portraits or I’ll ask if to incorporate a prop I see in a studio. I think it broadens the range of poses and also might help create a bit more of a story line. Fabric with some play can also add the ability to create different lines and shapes as well as motion.

Return to what I’m comfortable with

Sometimes I get caught up in trying to do “new” things and then end up frustrated because it’s not coming out the way I want. When that happens, I like to go back to something I know usually works well and try that for a bit. Often times it can flow into that more challenging idea, so it becomes twice as productive. Posing is often about confidence, so sometimes working through that can be just what I needed.

Those are the most common ways I stay inspired. Share some of the ways you stay inspired in the comments. ^_^

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