LoveSuze Lace Lingerie & Flex-Sizing Review

Black and Purple LoveSuze Lingerie sets photographed by Dekilah

This lingerie was sent to me by LoveSuze complimentary to test and review.

When Suzanne of LoveSuze contacted me about collaborating I was so excited to try the Flex-Sizing! As a woman, it’s always nice to find pieces that are flexible because our bodies change throughout the month and with the seasons, or at least mine does. And I’m not sure if this is just a petite woman thing or an every body thing, but bloating and even eating a big meal can honestly be an issue with me with certain types of panties. LoveSuze’s Flex-Sizing is meant to adjust with your body, which it does, and I can confidently say it’s also very comfy. 

I tried two sets which I’ll get into a bit more below, but first I want to talk about the pieces overall. The lace which is the main fabric of all of the pieces was both soft and supportive. It also showed no panty lines under slacks which I found a pleasant surprise! I also definitely noticed, or rather didn’t notice, the seams. They’re not noticeable at all when wearing which is something I’ve grown to appreciate more and more. 

Now let’s move on to the specifics of the two sets.

NoHo Lace Triangle Bralette + Uptown Lace Cheeky Bikini

My favorite part about this set is the color! It’s a beautiful bold purple. If you’ve been following me for any amount of time you’ll know I love purple. This particular shade is almost neon and I think it has a very playful vibe to it. 

Dekilah wearing purple lace LoveSuze lingerie

The NoHo Lace Triangle Bralette is lined and the cups do have a bit of shaping. I didn’t quite fill them out, but the lace is pretty forgiving, and given that it was an XS/S, and I’m on the smaller end of XS, I’m still pretty happy with the fit. It was also quite comfy and the wide band felt very snug & secure which is something I personally look for in my bras.

Dekilah wearing purple LoveSuze lingerie

The Uptown Lace Cheeky Bikini is everything I love about lace panties: it is comfy, is smooth under clothing, and has good coverage. 

SoHo Lace Racerback Bralette + Downtown Lace Cheeky Bikini

This set feels both sporty and feminine. The black lace is classic and super comfortable. 

Dekilah wearing black LoveSuze lingerie

I really like the scoop front on the SoHo Lace Racerback Bralette. It’s one of those necessities in your lingerie wardrobe that you don’t really think about until you need it. I tried it with both scoop neck and lower cut cross over tops with great success. 

The bra pulls on and the band keeps it in place. I found that adjusting the straps helps get that perfect fit, though it’s not as obvious to do since the racerback style prevents strap slipping. 

Dekilah wearing black LoveSuze lingerie

The Downtown Lace Cheeky Bikini is a bit cheekier cut than the Uptown and I really like it. It’s right between a thong and a brief. Much like the previous bikini panty, it’s comfy and smooth under most clothing. 

Final Thoughts on LoveSuze

I would highly recommend LoveSuze if you’re looking for cute, comfy lingerie with bra style options. 

The price point is affordable and these are pieces that feel like they will last well through wear. Plus you don’t have to worry about switching sizes with small body changes. The lace just adjusts to you. 

You can see all of the style offerings and find even more information at ?

LoveSuze lingerie in packaging

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