Gorgeous Garter Belt

This gorgeous garter belt has been one of the best investment pieces I’ve ever added to my lingerie wardrobe! It’s from Riwaa Nerona on Instagram (https://instagram.com/riwaanerona) and I fell in love with it when I saw her posting by chance. It’s a deep plum purple and black and absolutely well-made to my measurements. This is probably one of my first pieces of truly luxury lingerie.

I added a set from my Bootay Bag subscription (affiliate link) along with these gorgeous claret stockings from What Katie Did. I think the combination is stunning!

Bonus Tidbit: I actually wore the garter belt and stockings out under my clothes later that day. I’ve been doing that a lot as it’s been cold and it does seem to keep me warmer. ?

There are quite a lot of selfies in this bundle ranging from the photos I shared to nude in just the garter belt and stockings.

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