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My Personal Modeling Code - Dekilah's Blog

Back when I first started modeling, and especially when I got into posing nude I made myself a promise that I would do my best to stick to my code of ethics and that I would never sell myself out for the sake of making money/more money. Mostly it’s been an easy promise to keep because I am so driven by my personal code that I’m not often even tempted.

However, I’ve certainly had it suggested to me by multiple people that I should make alterations to parts of my code in order to become more successful, especially financially and as an “internet model” with a fan base. Here are a few examples:

  • People have suggested I be more flirty because fans like models who are flirty.
  • I’ve had multiple people suggest I pose more explicitly.
  • I’ve even been told I should start drama with other models so I can rally my fans.

That’s just a short list, but I think you get the idea. And here’s where I’m about to do that whole getting really honest thing I’ve been doing lately… But before I do I want to make it very clear that what I’m about to say pertains only to me and my ideals, my code, and how I choose to live my life. I’m not saying that it’s right or wrong and I’m not saying that people who do things that I don’t do are wrong or anything else. I’m saying that for me personally, I’d feel like I wasn’t being true to myself if I did the things I don’t do that I’m about to elaborate on. Okay, with that said…

I’m not flirty (or at least it’s not something I try to be). I might be friendly and sometimes playful or sarcastic, but the idea of purposely, knowingly flirting with people to get things is just not something I do. I am nice, I am open and honest, and I do enjoy getting to know lots of people. If someone is going to support me, I want them to do so because they like what I create, not because I’m leading them on. Also, I’m really horrible at flirting.

Moving on to the posing explicitly thing… I’ve thought about it. But every time I do I remember what happened the one time I posed just outside of my limits and how that’s sort of haunted me ever since. I’m not ashamed, but I’m not proud of the photos either and they really just remind me to stick to my guns. I’m a pretty good art nude model and a decent glamour model. I have a style that works for me. If people don’t like that, that’s okay. And sure, I know I’d probably have more fans and sell more sets and all that if I posed more explicitly but I’d also feel really weird and awkward. I doubt I’llĀ ever change my mind, but if I do it will be because I’ve decided it’s something I want to do for me and my creativity, not something I’m doing for more fans or more money.

Now let’s talk about that fun drama-starting bit. Why in the world would I want to spend my energy initiating a fight with another model? I spend time trying to cultivate at least somewhat of a friendship with most models I meet. It’s bad enough that we’re always getting compared to each other. And I get it, people like drama. But I think that’s one of those things that dies down and then you’re left with nothing. I’d rather my fans “rally” because they love my work and what I do.

I do work hard at what I do and sometimes I do wish it was more profitable so I could do more and buy more pretty stuff to wear and all that, but I do okay. I can look at what I do and feel proud of what I’ve accomplished. I’ve never been a traveling model, I’m super short, I have health issues, I don’t drive, and all this other stuff, but I’ve done pretty good. I’ve built a solid reputation, I’ve made friends, I’ve made art, and I’ve made people happy. The fact that I make any money at all is kind of another layer to a cake that’s already pretty good.

All of that being said, I have had to take a look at what I do and remind myself that what I do is worth something and it’s okay ask that people pay for some of it. I still offer videos and lots of photos for those who enjoy my work but can’t afford to buy anything. However, since Patreon has come about I’m really enjoying offering exclusive stuff to those who have become generous supporters of what I do. It’s very satisfying to me to know that there are people out there who feel like what I do is worth their financial support. I also love sending out prints purchased from my Etsy shop.

I love what I do and I greatly appreciate those that support me via Patreon, purchasing prints, voting on Zivity sets, sharing my work, commenting on my posts on social media, and sending me kind messages. Other models may debate me on this, but I’ve got the best group of fan friends around ^_~

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