My Portfolio

Here is my current portfolio. You’ll find my measurements and other info below the photos.

My Appearance

  • Stats: 4’10” ~90lbs, classical figure, 30B bra (can sometimes fit a 32 A/B), 25″ waist, 34″ hips
  • No tattoos, only single ear piercings which I no longer use
  • Pale, natural skin
  • Long dark hair down to my tailbone (currently a dark brown to black ombre, tends to just photograph as dark hair)
  • Blue eyes
  • Natural “bush” above labia
  • I can do basic makeup and can put my hair up if needed. If you want more, I do love working with MUAs and stylists and can recommend a few. I would be willing to split the cost of an MUA we agree on for a trade shoot.

Other Notes

  • I have quite a lot of lingerie, stockings, garters, and a lot of other things I’ve collected including several vintage dresses, a few vintage wedding gowns, etc. If you’ve got a look in mind, shoot me some inspiration in PM/email and I’ll see what I have.
  • I would love to pose with live animals more and I am very comfortable around large mammals, snakes, and other reptiles.
  • I do enjoy posing nude in nature if the private shooting location has been legally rented.
  • I shoot selective trade only for Patreon content.
  • I am available for brand collaborations with designers as well.

Contact Me

The best ways to contact me are by my email form here or by Facebook

Posing is my art form and I love it! Let’s shoot!