Trade Shoots

Trade Shoots with Dekilah

Currently, my only trade shoots are done at SMP group shoots in Detroit. You are always welcome to contact me about other opportunities, but please understand that my time is extremely limited and I am only shooting trade for Patreon content at this time.

I am not currently able to book trade for portfolio or personal projects that I cannot publish on my Patreon. I am willing to collaborate with lingerie, handmade fashion, and hosiery brand. You can find out more about that here.

I encourage you to read this before contacting me about shooting trade/TF.

Before We Start Planning… There are a few points that I’d like to put here first before I get into things as these are important and non-negotiable.

  • I do not drive (but do have access to reliable transportation) so all trade shoots need to be within 30 minutes max of the Dearborn, MI area, within 15 minutes is strongly preferred.
  • I do not have access to a shoot space, so you/we will need to find that. I am comfortable in home studios, on location (indoors), and in studios, etc.
  • I am available Monday thru Thursday evenings after about 5:30pm to 9pm and on some Saturdays from about 1pm to 9pm. Sundays are rarely open for shooting, but I can try to make an exception if absolutely necessary.

My Expectations for Patreon Content

My main focus is Patreon as it is what pays my bills and creates income for me. We would be trading images that you would like to shoot in exchange for content for my Patreon. Depending on what you want to shoot that might mean shooting two different concepts (one for you/portfolio use and one for me) or, preferably, one concept we could both use.

If you’re curious about Patreon and how my shooting for it benefits you in our trade shoots, please consider reading this note I wrote for photographers on it.

Most often I would ask for web resolution sets of 10 to 20+ photos. Watermarks (non-obtrusive) are fine and encouraged. I don’t expect a lot of editing on photos for Patreon, though you would, of course, be free to do whatever you like in terms of editing.

Here are some of the styles I am up for shooting trade for Patreon content (looking for those who shoot at or above the level of quality in my portfolio below):

My Portfolio

My portfolio of images shared below accurately represents the quality of work I’m looking for and also shows some of the styles I’d like to do more of.

My Appearance

  • Stats: 4’10” ~95lbs, classical figure, 30B bra (can sometimes fit a 32 A/B), 25″ waist, 35″ hips
  • No tattoos, only single ear piercings which I no longer use
  • Pale, natural skin
  • Long dark hair down to my tailbone (currently a dark brown to black ombre, tends to just photograph as dark hair)
  • Blue eyes
  • Natural “bush” above labia
  • I can do basic makeup and can put my hair up if needed. If you want more, I do love working with MUAs and stylists and can recommend a few. I would be willing to split the cost of an MUA we agree on for a trade shoot.

Other Notes

  • I have quite a lot of lingerie, stockings, garters, and a lot of other things I’ve collected including several long vintage dresses, a few vintage wedding gowns, etc. If you’ve got a look in mind, shoot me some inspiration in PM/email and I’ll see what I have.
  • I would love to pose with live animals more and I am very comfortable around large mammals, snakes, and other reptiles.
  • I do enjoy posing nude in nature if the private shooting location has been legally rented.
  • I have some pain/health issues. I have never flaked and I will absolutely let you know ASAP if I think this could affect our shoot (this has been extremely rare).
  • I will be driven to and dropped off/picked up at shoots as I do not drive.

Contact Me

The best ways to contact me are by my email form here or by Facebook. Please remember to include a link to your portfolio and mention that you would like to shoot trade when you contact me as it makes the discussion go much faster.

Posing is my art form and I love it! Let’s shoot!