Cute Little Cat Panties

One of the things I love about collecting lingerie is the variety that you can find, especially once you discover the world of indie lingerie designers. Not only do indie brands often carry a wider size range and custom sizing, but they often offer customization options that aren’t available from mainstream brands.

One of the options that I’ve recently been introduced to by one of my favorite brands, Fidditch Designs, is embroidery.

Katherine of Fidditch Designs has started adding embroidery to her custom lingerie and the variety is just absolutely wonderful! So far I’ve seen cacti, witches, unicorns, bats, florals, and cats (as you see here). If you’d like to see more of her embroidery collection so far, check out her Instagram and her Etsy shop.

Fidditch Designs embroidered cat panties worn by Dekilah

Every so often, Fidditch Designs sends me a package of goodies to try on and share with my followers. These lovely little embroidered cat panties were in a recent package. I love the stripes on the kitty and the classic cat look, too. And if you’re wondering, nope, you don’t really feel the embroidery when they’re on.

What makes these panties really special, aside from the cute cat, is the lace. This particular lace is stretchy and comfy. It’s also well made and the custom fit means I’m not worried about things being too loose or having to fidget with them all the time. These are black lace, but Katherine has what seems like an endless variety of laces and colors.

Front of black Fidditch Designs lingerie worn by Dekilah

I do admit I enjoy black lace because it matches lots of other things and that includes the little silk bralette I’m wearing in these photos that was included in the latest package as well. It’s lightweight and just the right amount of supportive for me. Plus it’s super cute!

If you’ve never tried indie lingerie, I really encourage you to give it a go! Before I tried it, I was never able to find lingerie (especially bras) that really fit me well. And just like mainstream lingerie, indie lingerie runs the range from budget-friendly, like Fidditch Designs, to more luxury, pricier brands. Etsy is a great place to look and I’ve actually compiled a series of Pinterest boards with a sampling of indie designer lingerie from Etsy if you’d like to check those out.

Fidditch Designs embroidered cat panties worn by Dekilah

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