Lingerie Story: Celestial Goddess

This set by Feather Red so beautifully embodies the idea of a goddess. It’s made of a beautiful white satin accented with a gold celestial pattern of constellations. Further with the white and gold theme are the white elastic and gold hardware. It’s a beautiful set and wonderfully crafted.

I also really like the added choker accessory. Right now this the only set I have that has one of those and it makes it extra special.

Front view of Dekilah wearing Feather Red Lingerie

Here’s the interesting part for me though: when I bought this I absolutely did not go for white lingerie, especially not custom sets like this one, very often. I’ve thought about this and I think it’s for two reasons:

  1. White lingerie tends to make my skin look warmer and less pale. I love my pale skin so I usually go for richer or darker colors to enhance it.
  2. Photographers, in general, have often shied away from white lingerie in my experience. Almost every time I’ve brought it they say it feels to “virgin” or “bridal” and they’ll usually opt for another color. This is really just a remnant concern for me as I shoot most things myself now, but it still floats around in my mind.

I realize that neither of those reasons is a very good one. They’re just odd little lingering ideas that have been milling around in my mind for so long. So I’m very happy I wasn’t able to resist this set! The moment I saw the celestial pattern, I had to have it!

Now for the story bit…

I was absolutely fascinated with Roman and Greek mythology as a teenager. I was constantly finding new books to read on the subject and even wrote a bit of my own fiction based on characters I created in that sort of world.

I used to fantasize about being a goddess and ruling over nature (and maybe some people). At that time, I was very shy and I always felt under-appreciated, un-feminine, undesirable, and completely devoid of any power. Goddesses seemed elegant and feminine, but also strong and powerful, at least in my mind. They were always desired by someone and they didn’t seem shy in the least. They were everything I wanted to be.

For me, this lingerie set allows me to live that fantasy a little bit. Goddesses are often depicted in sumptuous, pale fabrics accented with gold and this set is absolutely the epitome of that idea, just modernized a bit. It’s made of white satin and lovely lace. It feels so delightful on and it fits perfectly.

As you can see in the closer detail photo below, the lace is accented with gold and the hardware is gold too. This lingerie is truly fit for a goddess!

Close up of Dekilah wearing garter belt and stockings

I also really enjoy the extra feminine touch of a garter belt with my sets and this one is really lovely. I love that the garter clips are the nice, sturdy kind because we goddesses want our stockings to stay clipped! The stockings I’m wearing with this set are among my favorite vintage pairs.

I’m very pleased to have this divine set as part of my ever-growing lingerie collection and I think it’s encouraged me to explore a bit more white in the future.

Back view of Dekilah wearing Feather Red Lingerie

If you’ve enjoyed this blog post, you might also be interested to see that I also have two videos on YouTube featuring this ensemble. One is more focused on the lingerie and the other is a close-up of the stockings.

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