Lingerie Story: The Purple Lady

Dekilah wearing a purple Fidditch Designs lingerie set

I’m starting a new blog series called “Lingerie Stories” (at least for now). I thought it would be fun to combine my love of writing with my love for lingerie. I hope to make this a regular thing, so please let me know if you like it.

For the first post in my Lingerie Stories series, I’ve chosen this beautiful purple lace camisole and cheeky panties set from one of my favorite handmade brands, Fidditch Designs. I discovered Fidditch Designs on Instagram through another lingerie collector at the end of 2017. I spoke to the owner, Kathryn, quite a bit about what I wanted. She was excellent at figuring out my sizing and she gave me a choice of so many purple laces! I felt incredibly spoiled and knowing the laces are hand-dyed really makes her sets feel all the more luxurious to me, though they are quite affordable, too.

Dekilah wearing a purple Fidditch Designs lingerie set

This purple set reminds me of the dainty, feminine, and pretty storybook aristocratic lady from fairytales (or perhaps just my own fantasy imaginings). For those ladies, beauty wouldn’t be enough. If she wanted to be truly appreciated, she would need to be adept at handling household issues and day to day goings-on. I see those traits as very similar to how amazingly comfortable and supportive the camisole bra of this set is. It is truly lovely to look at but is functional as well. It’s supportive and it provides a bit of extra coverage under sheer tops, too.

I feel like camisoles have a certain elegance to them. This lace is, as I alluded to above, quite dainty and feminine. I really like the pattern as well. The cropped length makes this perfect for summertime and I don’t mind the pretty lace peeking out from beneath my tops like a bit of lace adorning the bodice of a gown.

Dekilah wearing a purple Fidditch Designs lingerie set

One of the things that drew me to this lingerie in the very beginning was the keyhole back of these panties. I think keyholes are so sensual, but also classy. They’re like a more demure version of the ouvert panty in which the whole bottom is open. Keyholes seem very much like something a daring aristocratic lady might wear, too.

For this photoshoot, I paired the Fidditch designs set with a pair of deep purple stockings that were sent to me by VienneMilano. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, they seem to have discontinued this particular style.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek at one of my favorite lingerie sets and the little accompanying story too. Be sure to check out Fidditch Designs on Etsy and Instagram!

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