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Today, I’ll be telling you about this lovely periwinkle lingerie and why I happen to be so drawn to this color.

This lingerie is a mix-matched set, not just in terms of the pieces, but the brands as well. The bralette is from Target and the panties are from my BootayBag subscription (affiliate link, if you sign up, I get credit).

The bralette is a simple design with structured cups and no underwire. It’s actually incredibly comfortable and the general XS size fits me surprisingly well.

These panties are a botanical-esque lace bikini-cut with a cheeky bum. They are honestly perhaps a bit too small for me. However, I think they still look lovely.

As I mentioned, these two pieces are mix-matched. I got them both separately without even noticing they matched until I was choosing pieces for selfies on Patreon. There is a certain delight that comes for me in discovering completely unrelated things match in color quite well. In this case, it’s extra special because of the periwinkle color.

Now I’d like to tell you why that periwinkle color is so special to me.

When I was a kid, my Mom used to take me and my three younger siblings to all sorts of neat places. One of them was the University of Tennessee Arboretum in Oak Ridge. This was one of my favorite places with walking trails, a variety of plants and trees, and a creek.

I remember crouching down next to the creek one day and peering down into the water. I’ve always loved to watch minnows in the water. It’s a special treat if I get to see a turtle or a frog, too. But that day I saw something else. I saw these little snails in the water with swirly, pointed shells.

I found out they were periwinkles. Or at least that’s what we decided they were. From that point on, I always liked going to look for them when we visited those trails.

It wasn’t until later on that I really become aware of the color periwinkle. When I did start to become more aware of it, I immediately connected it in my mind to those experiences looking for little snails with my family at the arboretum.

So for that reason, I have a real fondness for periwinkle and it’s extended to the color of things, like lingerie, and to the plant. I have what I believe are periwinkle vines in my yard. Each time I see a bloom it reminds me of those lovely experiences too.

So not only does this lingerie remind me of good times as a kid but also of the beautiful flowers that pop up every year regardless of my poor gardening skills. Perwinkle is truly a special color for me.

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